Experience horse education and body language on the highest level - communication in its finest form - with Hans Juergen Neuhauser!





DVD "HJN meets Lipica"




The new DVD from the series

HJN-Riding international:


HJN meets Lipica

Communication in its purest form


Experience horse education and body language on the highest level - communication in its finest form - horse education in a new dimension.

Hans-Juergen Neuhauser presents with three Lipizzan horses - a mare, a gelding and a stallion – the way horse education really works using pure body language. Without imposed dominance, characterized by the deepest trust and the highest mutual respect, training-physiologically substantiated, from extreme clearness and the highest precision.

Experience a live video of a training demonstration at the Slovene state stud farm as Hans-Juergen Neuhauser successfully motivates three Lipizzans to proudly present themselves in all their breathtaking beauty to a critical public and under the stern gaze of the stud farm management.

Detailed and properly focused on the point - a huge range of information.

See for yourself - to the point and in detail, how real body language works with the horse and how horses can be optimally trained physiologically for coordination of movement and  strength and stamina from the floor – using only non-verbal communication.

According to the classical education scale – rhythm & suppleness – the goal is always a well balanced, relaxed and peaceful horse that can present its body – even with a rider – in an absolutely free posture. Related to the horse the development of the natural movement potential takes center stage. The objective is the development of the horse’s movement capability in a anatomically and physiologically correct way.

Horse and rider thereby achieve a sound level of trust that goes far beyond the norm – a profound bond between man and horse based on clearness, trust and highest mutual respect.

In essence it is about working with the horse without imposed dominance and conditioning only using real body language for the communication between man and horse. A holistic and in itself consistent education of horse and rider in its clearest, finest and choicest form.

Discover more about the principles of HJN-Riding, its philosophy, the method and the way it really works.

The fine art of pure communication between horse and men all horses understand – immediately wherever they are around the world.

Watch the Trailer: Plese klick here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J61GUzLSL-g


DVD  HJN-meets Lipica -
Communication in its purest form

EAN/GTIN:  9783981094824

ISBN: 978-3-9810948-2-4

Run Time: 150 minutes

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